The Register names RollerMouse Red a Top Comfort

Office equipment invariably goes through years of abuse and is often consigned to landfill only after a strategic coffee spill brings about a lethal end to a troublesome or antiquated device. In more enlightened environs, the idea of a kit refresh from time to time isn’t an alien concept, but there is an inclination for simply more of the same.

Older readers will recall a British TV ad from the 1970s where the woman cooking asks “How d’you like your eggs, fried or boiled?” and the man begins to dream of alternatives: coddled, scrambled an omelette or quiche lorraine… With a little imagination some tasty office tech can work wonders and shouldn’t involve breaking too many eggs either.

Reinventing the mouse is an obsession for some companies, but rather than remodel the design of the trusty handheld rodent, here we have an entirely different layout for its functions.

Read the rest of this article on The Register.

Del innlegget
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