RollerMouse Red

RollerMouse Red er en serie med sentrerte mus som sikrer at du har variasjon og kontroll når du tilbringer mange timer foran en datamaskin. Med RollerMouse Red får du større komfort og produktivitet når du arbeider ved datamaskinen. Prøv det - håndleddet ditt vil takke deg!

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Looking for a new way to minimize repetitive strain injuries associated with long hours spent working on a computer? Meet RollerMouse Red, the series of centred mice that provides variation and control to help keep you healthy and comfortable.

With RollerMouse Red, you can alternate between using your right and left hand, which helps reduce stress on muscles and tendons. And because it's central to your keyboard, it provides a more natural position for your hands and arms, which can help improve circulation.

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