RollerMouse Pro replaces RollerMouse Free3

Possibly the most ideal ergonomic set up for your work health 

Take a proactive approach to your health at work with a cantered mouse that allows you to do desk work comfortably and ergonomically. With the RollerMouse Pro, you control everything. Cursor navigation, programmable buttons, and the large scrolling wheel are all centralised right in front of you. We design it to prevent you from stretching, twisting, and straining. 

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Ulitmate tools for the ultimate comfort

It is effortless to customise the RollerMouse Pro to match your preferences with magnetic wrist rests in different sizes and materials.

The unique design keeps your hand and wrist in a natural position, and the Rollerbar allows precise cursor control without having to move your hand back and forth. The built-in copy/paste buttons make it easy to quickly transfer text or images between applications, and the dedicated buttons for forward/backward navigation make web browsing a breeze. 

The perfect keyboard for the perfect mouse

The Balance Keyboard BK ensures a good working position, as it keeps your arms correctly placed in front of your body with a minimal edge in front of the space bar. Despite its compact design, the keyboard has all the functionality of a full-size keyboard with shortcut and media keys, as well as a numeric keypad. Furthermore, the keyboard comes with the option between a negative, neutral, or positive tilt. You can pick the inclination that fits you best.

What's the benefits of a centred mouse?

Two hands are better than one to avoid injuries and strains 

With a cantered mouse, your arms are in a natural position in front of your body. This removes tension on shoulders, arms, and elbows, giving you a more comfortable and ergonomic working position. It allows for variation, as you can use your right and left hand for cursor navigation while controlling the clickable Rollerbar with a slight touch of the fingertips. Simply put, you have all functions within reach in your “primary work zone”.

Individual needs, individual solutions 

Customize your RollerMouse Pro to your personal preferences with the unique magnetic wrist rests, allowing you to easily change between the various models. Choose between vegan leather, fabric, or natural Bamboo in three different sizes. 

The vegan leather version has an antibacterial surface and highest alcohol resistance for improved hygiene. It is easy to change click sounds, cursor speed and click resistance, finding the setup that works best for you. 

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Get most out of your days at work with RollerMouse Pro vegan leather¨

Plug & Play installation with a dedicated software driver for customisation 

Connect the RollerMouse Pro and Balance Keyboard BK to your PC or Mac and experience the difference immediately. Customize the programmable buttons to your favourite shortcut functions with the free software driver for both Windows and MacOS.

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